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Wellness Evaluation

This won’t be like any other doctor’s visit you’ve ever experienced. Dr. Walker will sit and have a conversation with you, not only to go over your health conditions, but to see how it’s affecting your life. He will be evaluating you, system by system, to see where the true problems lie. You see, we don’t just chase symptoms, we look for the underlying cause to see if so we can find a natural, drug-free solution.


Therapeutic Massage

Our approach to Wellness involves many different approaches, including therapeutic massage. We’ve found that if a patient chooses to receive massage, many physical problems resolve themselves more quickly. Symptoms like fatigue, not sleeping well, muscular soreness, etc. all improve with therapeutic massage. This is why we include it in our wellness plans.


Therapeutic Exercise

You don’t need to go to the gym for countless hours only to see poor results. Our highly trained Team can teach you how to do simple, highly effective routines that you can do 30-minutes, three times a week and see changes within just a few weeks.

You will enjoy a 1:1 evaluation to determine your current fitness levels. Then, your instructor will show you a customized routine that will assist you in regaining your strength, flexibility, balance and muscle coordination. This program can be done at the gym or at home, your choice!


Chiropractic Evaluation

Your spinal care program will begin with a thorough examination of your spine, nervous system and muscle function. This functional examination will provide details about how your system is working and what changes need to be made to optimize your health.

Dr. Walker will explain what the tests mean then discuss what appropriate treatment may be necessary. He will explain his treatment methods and show you what will be done before proceeding. This way, you can feel confident that your condition will be handled with the utmost efficiency, the same way he has treated many of the world’s best athletes.

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