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I can tell you that I'm healthy. I'm stronger than I was a year ago. I can do a whole lot of things I couldn't do a year ago, and that's remarkable. This is wellness. This is how to be healthy. I'm so glad I did this with my wife, and I'm so glad we're benefitting from this.

Dennis G.Wellness Partner

You are constantly being misinformed about your health. Where can you turn for real change?

There are endless articles and blogs out there claiming to change your life in one simple solution. Is it really that simple?

Everyone has different goals and are in different places in their lives. Our health plans simplify these steps and move you seamlessly through our system.

We say no. Each individual needs a plan tailored to their exact needs. That’s why we have developed a system to do just that.

That’s why we begin with education. Our workshops are free to the public and focus on the health facts we have seen change hundreds of lives.

Kindergarten Simple with

Rocket Science Results

Our Simple 4 Step Process to Achieving Health

1. Call and RSVP

It all starts with a single call. You will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members and we will work with your schedule to find the most accessible seminar for you to attend.

2. Attend Seminar

Our seminars are free and open to the public. We aim to empower everyone who attends the seminar with real health facts we have seen in our three decades worth of practice.

3. Create a Customized Plan

Once you’re educated, empowered and ready to move forward with changes to your lifestyle, we will create a plan customized to you.

4. Reclaim Your Health

Through our plan you will reclaim your health, energy, vibrance and start a whole new chapter of success and vitality.

Dr. H. A. Bud Walker, D.C.

Dr. Walker has worked with kindergarteners to Olympians to get them back to health

Since starting his career over 35 years ago, Dr. Walker has strived to learn the “Language of His Patients.” Dr. Walker has helped Olympians get back to health.  He knows what works by having worked in a field where every choice, every decision can make a difference and become “golden”.  He utilizes the same systematic approach to wellness whether he’s working with kindergarteners, Olympians or you.  

Whether it’s understanding blood tests or the balance of the hormone system, Dr. Walker will walk you through the maze of information and help guide you onto a path towards Optimal Health.

What We Do
  • Wellness Evaluation
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Chiro Eval.
  • Weight Loss
  • Structure Rehabilitation
Wellness Partners

Every Month

Month after month we see hundreds of our members changing their daily habits to a more health oriented lifestyle. We will guide you along your way to health with our proven system.

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We Provide You With the Carrot or the Stick

Transparency is key in regaining your health. Dr. Bud and his team will be there to let you know where you are along the way, for better or worse.

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